Much to my surprise, I discovered that we have a growing female following, and get constantly asked: when are we going to dedicate a section to the ladies?

I can confirm that we will be dedicating a section to women in the near future, but to “ease you in”, my close friend Stacey Marshall has prepared a useful overview of female bodybuilding for all you good-ladies out there.

Here goes…

The basic difference between strength training and bodybuilding is the former makes you stronger and the latter focuses more on aesthetics.

In response to people who claim that female bodybuilding is not a very ladylike thing to do, it’s actually quite possible to become a female bodybuilder and also remain feminine. Look at some of the gorgeous babes who are professional body builders such as Chyna, Nicole Bass, Nikki Fuller, Rebekka Armstrong and Lisa Marie Varon for instance.

A good starting point would be to dedicate a full three-month segment to careful planning and extremely close tracking.

Firstly, you will need to overcome your fear of going into the weights room, because this is where you will need to spend up to 3 days a week. Ideally you will want to train one day, and rest the next. I find Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays the perfect schedule to do this.

I recommend focusing on powerlifting, squatting, and deadlifting at the very least in the beginning. The great thing about bodybuilding is that body fat will diminish over time, whilst you put on lean muscle.

Make sure you spend some time warming up before each session using lightweights and high reps to really get the blood flowing to the muscles you will be working. I promise you, after the first month of regularly doing this, you will become accustomed to resistance training, and your body will beg for more.

I will be working on a “consultant basis” for Muscle Growth Expert, and it will be my job to expand the women’s section. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of female bodybuilding, you are free to get in touch with this site through the contact page, and I will be happy to help.

I also have my own blog called authenticweightloss.com which is dedicated to female fat loss. Make sure to visit, like, share and comment so I know I am giving you guys what you want!


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