TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS: Does It Live Up to The Hype?

tribulus terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is a type of plant and it’s the root and fruits have been used for many years to enhance general male vitality.

The roots are known to enhance libido, as well as sexual well-being, without affecting testosterone.

Meanwhile, the fruits act as a protective layer for organ function.

Many leading natural testosterone boosters feature tribulus terrestris among their ingredients, but the question arises…Does it actually help to increase testosterone levels?

We decided to investigate this further and we found some surprising results.

Tribulus terrestris comes from the “Ayurveda” herb family and has traditionally been used to enhance overall male health including vitality and virility.

More recently, tribulus terrestris has built up quite a reputation for its ability to enhance the libido and its “alleged” testosterone boosting properties.

In terms of libido enhancement, there is substantial evidence to suggest that tribulus terrestris is a reliable libido enhancer.


tribulus terrestris

A number of tests carried out on rats, as well as human studies reaffirm this notion.

Although it is still not fully understood how tribulus terrestris works, it is pretty clear that it is ineffective to a certain extent in enhancing androgen receptor density inside the brain, which may possibly explain how it enhances the libido.

There is also evidence to suggest that it is almost completely ineffective in enhancing fertility.

In various animal studies, tribulus terrestris appeared to protect certain organs such as the liver and kidneys from damage caused by oxidative, when taken in low dosages.

Furthermore, tribulus terrestris has shown to offer a certain degree of anti-stress benefits.

Despite the mentioned benefits, studies have failed to identify other types of enhancements, including “sports performance”.

Although tribulus terrestris may be a healthy herb that provides benefit in terms of libido enhancement, its ability to enhance power and testosterone is pretty much non-existent, contrary to what you may have been made to believe by various bodybuilding supplement developers.

The Best Way To Take Tribulus Terrestris

tribulus terrestris

For effective libido enhancement, it is recommended to take 200-450 mg of tribulus terrestris per day.

It is widely agreed that lower doses are better and more effective.

Scientific Studies

tribulus terrestris

We have seen results from actual “levels of evidence” that have been obtained from actual scientific studies carried out on this ingredient.

It is important to recognize the effectiveness of the ingredients that you are being “sold “by the many multi-million dollar bodybuilding supplement developers, whoever they may be.

Remember, science overrules “hot air”.

Here is a breakdown of the conclusive results carried out by a number of scientific studies on tribulus terrestris…

Testosterone EnhancementAccording to four studies, testosterone is certainly not influenced by the supplementation of tribulus terrestris.

There may be subtle hints of very trivial fluctuations in infertile men but the evidence is way too vague.

Lean Muscle IncreaseAs a result of two studies, not enough evidence to support any claims suggesting that tribulus terrestris contributes in the development of lean muscle mass that is often associated with this ingredient.

Fat LossAs a result of two studies, there is not enough evidence to suggest that tribulus terrestris has any effect on fatty deposits.

Power EnhancementAs a result of two studies, there are no significant changes in power output which is often associated with this ingredient.

Luteinizing HormoneAs a result of one study, there is no evidential influence on the LH hormone as a result of tribulus terrestris supplementation.

FatigueAs a result of two studies, any exercise related fatigue is unaffected by the supplementation of tribulus terrestris.

Blood PressureAs a result of one study, a decreased blood pressure has been spotted in subjects that may be suffering from hypertension.

However, there is insufficient evidence to assess its effects on subjects that do not suffer from this condition.

Heart RateAs a result of one study, a slowing down of the heart rate has been observed in subjects that may be suffering from hypertension.

CholesterolAs a result of one study, decreasing cholesterol levels were noted.

Erections – As a result of one study, the supplementation of 6 g of tribulus root appeared to increase the rigidity of erections, as well as improving performance.

Furthermore, anxiety was dramatically reduced allowing subjects to delay ejaculation.

Libido – As a result of one study, there appeared to be an increase in the frequency of sexual desire and a dramatic improvement in all-round sexual well-being which was associated with the supplementation of 6 g of basic root extract of tribulus.

Sperm Count – As a result of one study, there was no evidence to suggest an increase in sperm count.

Sperm Quality – As a result of one study, there was no evidence to suggest that a 6 g supplementation of tribulus root made any changes.


tribulus terrestris

The results speak for themselves.

Tribulus terrestris has been sold as many things including it’s ability to enhance the libido, enhance muscle, enhance power as well as many other things.

But scientific evidence suggests that this ingredient is only good for one thing, and that is the first claim on the list…

Its ability to enhance the libido.

For future reference, if someone tries to portray this ingredient in a different light, you will be all-the-more-wiser.


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