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MALE  ENHANCEMENT: Get Bigger in a Safe Way!

A simple Google search will reveal that the male enhancement industry is currently booming. There are a growing number of choices available, meaning someone looking to enhance their masculinity can be left feeling overwhelmed and confused to say the least. There are plenty of BS products out there, and our readers have been asking us to review some male enhancement products to help them make informed choices for a while now. When looking for male enhancement products, you will have the following choices:

  • Penis Pills
  • Penis Pumps
  • Penis Extenders
  • Enhancement Creams
  • And more….

For the sake of simplicity, we will focus on 2 types of the most effective products:

  • Male Enhancement Pills
  • Male Enhancement Aids

Male Enhancement Pills


There are plenty of male enhancement pills available today, and the list seems to be only growing (no pun intended). Of course you have the option of taking prescription meds, but like all our reviews, we like to focus on all-natural supplements that contain ingredients which have proven track-records. Your typical prescription drugs include Cialis and Viagra. These drugs are designed to help you overcome erectile dysfunction mainly and premature ejaculation to a lesser degree. In terms of male enhancement supplementation, many of the leading products claim to help you achieve better erections, stay harder for longer and even increase your size! The good thing about supplementation is that most of the products are created from all-natural ingredients and the chance of experiencing side effects is minimal! The prescription meds are known to cause:

  • Headaches
  • Acid reflux Flushing
  • Upset Stomachs
  • Headaches

Thankfully there are a number of excellent high performance products that have provided excellent results. After much research, our team has shortlisted 10 male enhancement pills that in our opinion are the best on the market. Here is our shortlist:

  1. Male Extra
  2. Extenze
  3. ProSolution
  4. VigRX
  5. Alpha Man Pro
  6. Xanogen
  7. SizeGenix
  8. Vimax
  9. Zytenz
  10. Alpha Man Pro

Users of these products seem to be providing plenty of positive feedback, and in our opinion they are viable alternatives to prescription-based drugs. MaleExtra tops our list of male enhancement pills, to learn more, read full review here. User feedback seems to indicate that taking male enhancement pills is safe, side effect free and convenient for men wanting to enhance overall size, quality and performance.

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders
The term ‘penis extender’ has always sounded a bit dubious to me until now. My team got down and dirty with these unusual contraptions with pretty surprising results! Penis extenders are basically devices that are designed to physically stretch the penis. Regular stretching has shown to enhance size quite significantly in most men. The enhancement is said to be permanent! Just like the male enhancement pills, my team shortlisted 5 penis extenders that in our opinion are the best on the market. Here is our shortlist:

  1. SizeGenetics
  2. JES-Extender
  3. Male Edge
  4. Phallason Forte
  5. Vimax Extender

Are you looking to maximize your sexual performance and stamina? Here are the top rated male enhancement supplements of 2017 selected by Mens Health Digest Experts.

A number of studies seem to suggest that these devices are extremely effective; most users gained at least an inch after the first month. Incredibly, even when men stopped using the extenders, the extra size seemed to stay for at least 6 months after. Provided you use your penis extender properly, you will find that our recommended devices are safe and produce real results. They work by slowly stretching the tissues within the penis and over time providing incredible increases girth and length. SizeGenetics tops our list of penis extenders, to learn more, read full review here.




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