DRILL MASTER: The Legal Dianabol Alternative By Marine Muscle

Drill Master By Marine Muscle Legal Steroids

According to Marine Muscle, DRILL MASTER will help to max out your muscle and strength gains and take you to the “hardgainer” level. DRILL MASTER has been formulated for “committed people looking for rapid muscle gains and superior strength.” The official website states that this is an ideal legal alternative to anabolic steroids for “hardgainers” and for those people looking to maintain their gains between cycles.

DRILL MASTER has been developed thanks to scientific advances and has been carefully formulated to help increase nitrogen retention and create a powerful anabolic state within the body to allow users to enjoy “monster sized growth and muscle mass.”

DRILL MASTER is made in America and is not available anywhere else, and it is 100% legal and a viable and safer alternative to Dianabol.

How DRILL MASTER Works and What You Should Expect

The official Marine Muscle website claims that DRILL MASTER helps to massively boost protein synthesis by enhancing the amount of nitrogen retained within the muscle tissue. The more nitrogen your muscles keep, the bigger the protein deposits. And with more protein, the bigger the muscles.

DRILL MASTER contains a massive 10 mg of DHEA to ensure that testosterone levels increase allowing for more significant gains. The official website makes it clear that DRILL MASTER is 100% safe to use and is a highly viable alternative to steroids, leaving users to focus on developing their bodies instead of worrying about side effects.

DRILL MASTER Main Features…

Makes gaining muscle faster and easier

Enhances extreme strength and stamina

Increases nitrogen retention

Improves focus and drive

No need for a prescription

Results can be seen in as little as 30 days or less

DRILL MASTER Ingredients

Drill master ingredients label with instructions

Information And Guidance

Users are advised to take three capsules with water around 45 minutes after your workout. For best results, Marine Muscle recommends using DRILL MASTER for a minimum of 60 days and must be accompanied by a sensible diet and a regular training program.


All Marine Muscle products are 100% legal and safe to use and are sold as legitimate alternatives to hard-core anabolic steroids. Please note that Marine Muscle products are only available to buy in the United States of America.

Will I Need a Prescription?

There is no need for a prescription.

Will I Pass a Drug Test after Taking DRILL MASTER?

As you probably know, sports drug testing is becoming more and more stringent as time goes on, and some sports authorities seem to be stricter than others. As a result of this, some of the ingredients used in DRILL MASTER may show up in a drugs test. If you are a regular participant in a sport or activity that involves regular or random drug testing, it is highly recommended to seek expert advice from your coach, physician or even the governing body of your respective activity.

When Should I Expect to See RESULTS?

As long as you combine DRILL MASTER with a sensible diet and a regular exercise program, early results should become apparent within first four weeks.

Are There Any Side Effects?

I have not found any reported side-effects

Shipping Cost

Free shipping is available across the USA.

What Payment Methods are Accepted?

You can buy all Marine Muscle products using AMEX, MasterCard, and Visa. Their website uses a 256-bit encryption and is safe to use at all times.

Price Per Bottle


Our Take

DRILL MASTER ingredients include whey protein and Tribulus Terrestris, both well known as great mass gainers. Tribulus Terrestris is also known as a potent libido enhancer, so if you happen to be a bit low on the sex drive side of things, DRILL MASTER will soon pick things up, literally!

The combination of ingredients in DRILL MASTER will no doubt increase testosterone levels. When testosterone levels rise, so does the potential of building more muscle and shedding body fat.

Regarding side effects, there don’t seem to be any after reading some user reviews, and overall opinion seems quite positive.

We feel that DRILL MASTER lives up to its advertising claims and my review team gives it a big thumbs up!

Our Rating


Where To Buy

This product is only available from the manufacturer, Marine Muscle. You will not be able to find DRILL MASTER anywhere else.



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