TROOPER: Legal Sustanon Alternative By Marine Muscle

Trooper from Marine Muscle

TROOPER is described as a “hard-core bodybuilding steroid alternative” used for cranking up testosterone levels, strength levels, and overall muscle mass. According to the official website, Marine Muscle website, TROOPER has been scientifically formulated to stimulate the luteinizing hormone which in turn is great for your testosterone levels. TROOPER has been formulated for people who are serious about increasing their muscle mass and strength, as well as performance, and energy.

All Marine Muscle products are manufactured in the USA and only available to buy in the USA.

How TROOPER Works and What You Should Expect

Rightly so, the official Marine Muscle website states that testosterone levels are vital for men. Guys with low testosterone levels normally struggle to porn muscle. On the other hand, guys with higher testosterone levels for muscle in on much easier.

TROOPER is a 100% American-made product and contains Tribulus Terrestris extract that’s been standardized to 45% saponins, effectively meaning that you are getting twice as much concentration than most other similar products. Saponins are proven to crank up the luteinizing hormone, which in turn enhances testosterone. The official website also states that unlike any other similar product on the market, TROOPER contains 10 mg of DHEA!

This ultimately means feeling stronger, working out longer and harder, increasing gains, and dramatically reducing recovery times.

TROOPER Main Features…

Increases testosterone levels

Provides muscle gains

Enhances explosive power

Enhances strength and stamina

Dramatically reduces recovery periods

Enhances sexual performance and the Beadle

Does not require a prescription

Typical results can be seen in as little as two weeks

TROOPER Ingredients

Trooper ingredients and instructions

Information And Guidance

Users are advised to take 3 capsules everyday around 30 minutes before breakfast, for best results you are recommended to supplement for a minimum of 60 days alongside a proper diet and regular exercise regimen.


All Marine Muscle products are 100% legal and safe to use and are sold as legitimate alternatives to hard-core anabolic steroids. Please note that Marine Muscle products are only available to buy in the United States of America.

Will I Need a Prescription?

There is no need for a prescription.

Will I Pass a Drug Test after Taking TROOPER?

Sports drugs tests have become more stringent over the years, with some sports mean much stricter than others. As a result, they ingredients contained in all Marine Muscle products may come to surface in a drug test. If you happen to participate in a sport where you suspect you may be tested, it is strongly recommended that you seek expert advice from their respective governing body, doctor or even coach.

When Should I Expect to See RESULTS?

As long as you combine TROOPER with a sensible diet and a regular exercise program, early results should become apparent within the first 3 to 4 weeks.

Are There Any Side Effects?

I have not found any reported side-effects

Shipping Cost

Free shipping is available across the USA.

What Payment Methods are Accepted?

You can buy all Marine Muscle products using AMEX, MasterCard and Visa. Their website uses a 256 bit encryption and is safe to use at all times.

Price Per Bottle


Our Take

TROOPER relies heavily on Tribulus Terrestris which is necessarily a bad thing. This ingredient has shown to have a positive bearing on testosterone levels by enhancing the luteinising hormone. Moreover, it is also a powerful libido enhancer. The claim about the unparalleled dose of DHEA is actually true, and I discovered this after researching the subject. Most other DHEA containing products contain a fraction of what is contained in TROOPER.

In terms of side effects, I have not been able to uncover anything after searching high and low across the net.

Initial user feedback seems to be very positive therefore I feel TROOPER lives up to its advertising claims and we add muscle growth expert give it the thumbs up.

Our Rating


Where To Buy

This product is only available from the manufacturer, Marine Muscle. You will not be able to find ENDURO  anywhere else.

>>CLICK HERE<< to purchase TROOPER



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