I always recommend that before you dabble in any type of bodybuilding routines, it is advisable that you research the subject comprehensively.  

I assure you that you will discover that there are many things that you did not know!

Bodybuilding routines became recognized as a sport in the 19th century and since then; many people have come up with various theories and speculation.


For beginners, you should be aware of the many myths surrounding bodybuilding routines and I recommend that you keep these well out of your mind.  They will cause you unnecessary confusion. And this will lead you to derail from achieving your ultimate goal, and that is to build and sculpt your body.

In this article I will attempt to separate the facts from the fiction so that all our readers who are beginners to bodybuilding routines are not misled by the many ‘old wives tales’.


First and foremost, you must get it clear in your head that bodybuilding routines require dedication, and a lot of personal effort.

A balanced diet taken accompanied by safe supplements will help you achieve your desired results.

If you think you will become Mr. Universe within the first couple of weeks of training, then, I am afraid you’re in for a huge disappointment!

The reason I say this is that most beginners tend to rush into the training and overdo certain things which can cause injuries.


Remember the saying…”Rome wasn’t built in day”.  This should be the central pillar in your bodybuilding thought process.

If you keep this at the forefront of your mind, I can promise you that you will notice a striking difference after a few weeks of commencing your strength exercises.

One common myth about bodybuilding routines is that the more you train the bigger you will get.

I’m afraid; this is a big fat lie!

It is important to recognize that muscles get fatigued quite easily and they must be given adequate time to replenish themselves.

Otherwise you are risking picking up some serious injuries along the way.

You must allow rest periods in between your workouts because your muscles can take up to one week to heal properly.

This does not mean that you should train just once a week.

I recommend that you train each muscle set once a week, i.e. shoulders every Monday, chest every Tuesday, back every Wednesday and so on.


In order for you to achieve better results without over training your body, you must target progressive intensity levels on a consistent basis.

It is advisable that each week you set a particular target and ensure that you achieve your target before moving on to the next level.

Another dangerous myth about bodybuilding routines is that it is impossible to achieve good muscle growth without the use of anabolic steroids.

Surprisingly, a lot of people fall for this because they fail to realize that this is just a marketing technique.

Supplement providers misinform people by brainwashing them into believing that without steroids they will not achieve their desired results.


It is very possible for an individual to achieve good muscle growth without the use of dangerous steroids.

Opting for safer, natural supplements is always a sensible idea.

The fundamentals of good bodybuilding routines include modern bodybuilding training methods, eating a balanced and nutritious diet and getting plenty of sleep.

This will ensure that your body undergoes positive physical changes including muscle gain.

Another important factor and one that cannot really be changed no matter how hard you train is genetics.

Not all of us can achieve super physiques like the athletes that we see on our television sets.

Unfortunately, everybody’s ‘make up’ is different and for some, it may take slightly longer to experience quick muscle growth.

This should by no means be used as an excuse to start using dangerous supplements such as anabolic steroids.

Finally it is important to understand the fact that there is a major difference between natural supplements and steroid based products.

It is a common for people to think the two are the same but this is simply not true.

Natural supplements are simply additives that that complement your diet in a healthy way, whilst steroids are dangerous synthetic hormones.




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