There are many techniques you can use for effective muscle growth, however by eating a balanced low-fat diet and increasing the amount of weight that you push in the gym will help you accomplish this goal in a healthy way.

It is recommended that you consume highly enriched protein foods which will help you build and maintain muscle on your body.

Additionally, you should substitute lighter weights with heavier ones during your exercise sessions.


By doing this, you will begin to notice the difference in the size of the various muscle groups that you train on a regular basis.

It is important that you learn how to accelerate your muscle growth by putting into place a nice variety of muscle growth techniques.

Step 1…


Eat more organic foods that are rich in protein such as lean chicken, lean beef and fish.

These food will provide your body with proteins that it needs to burn calories and build lean muscle through a process known as ‘the thermic effect’.

Your body will work harder and burn more calories and thus enabling it to break down any high-density foods.

Beef in organic form contains a variety of important vitamins and minerals which assist the muscle growth process.

It is rich in vitamin B12, heme iron, zinc, creatine and omega-3 fatty acids.

Consume a variety of plant based proteins.

These might include soybeans, peanuts and legumes.

These proteins are available in a variety of forms.

It is important that you find versions that contain very little additives and preservatives.

Your body is more effective in breaking down foods if they contain less additives and preservatives and allow for more effective muscle growth.

Eat more greens such as vegetables including broccoli and spinach.

Most green leafy vegetables contain phytochemicals that help to protect your body against various cancers.

These vegetables are also rich in soluble fiber which has great fat-fighting qualities.

Spinach is a great shield against muscle and bone loss.

Spinach also helps to protect the body from most cardiovascular diseases because of its high nutrient content.

Avoid flaxseed oil and use flax seeds instead.

Flax seeds are extremely rich in omega-3, protein and fiber.

Flaxseed oil does not contain fiber!

Stick to flax seeds because they contain an abundant amount of omega-3 fatty acids which are great for reducing inflammation.

A reduction of inflammation is very important for muscle growth for two reasons.

Firstly, your muscles will not feel as sore after intense workout sessions and secondly your body will be able to heal itself at a much quicker rate.

Cut out the regular rice and replace it with whole grain rice along with quinoa.

Quinoa is a grain that is very rich in protein and fiber, so much so, that it contains more protein and fiber than rice or oats.

Step 2…


Be sure to take protein supplements if there isn’t enough protein in your normal diet.

Be sure to check the container has a seal that has not been tampered with.

It is important to take your protein supplement, particularly on days when you haven’t consumed enough protein through your food. 

Ideally this should only be once a month.

Also it is important to take measurements of the muscle area that you are working on to check for muscle growth.

I recommend doing this every 4 weeks.

Cut down on the amount of protein supplements you take, especially on days when you have consumed a sufficient amount through your diet.

Try to ensure that you keep adjusting protein intake to meet the recommended daily dose.

Step 3…


Cut out the light weights for heavier ones when you train.

Try to use very slow and concentrated movements when performing your repetitions.

Cut your repetitions down by half.

Instead of doing 16-20 reps, cut this down to 8-10 using heavier weights.

Remember that by using heavier weights and fewer reps will help boost your muscle growth.

Gradually increase the weight you are using.

I recommend using the same weight for a month at a time.

After a month, be sure to increase the weight.












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