It’s not unusual for human growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to be confused with one another in many instances. But the clue is in the names, TRT is testosterone (more about symptoms) related and HGH is human growth hormone related, two different things. The one thing that they do have in common is that they are hormones. They are two distinct hormones that perform different functions respectively.

But when HGH and TRT is combined, this is often referred to as hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Do you see where I’m going with this?

When Is HGH Used?

Initially, HGH was developed to treat young children suffering from growth deficiencies by providing an extra few inches if they were lucky. But over time, and after HGH being put under the microscope for a number in years, researchers found that it could be useful for treating different types of medical conditions, especially conditions known to cause gradual deterioration, HIV and AIDS comes to mind.

It wasn’t long for bodybuilders and professional athletes and even a-list actors to learn about the benefits HGH could offer when it comes to try preventing ageing.

Although HGH had been around for a while, there was plenty bad information out there that led to many misconceptions.

HGH can be used in two ways. One way is to administer huge doses for the purpose of building muscle size and accelerating fat loss, and the other way is administering smaller doses ideal for maintaining a good sense of well-being, enhancing sleep, improving skin texture and enhancing recovery. The higher dose of HGH is considered to be 8 international units, more  about results.

HGH and Anti-Ageing

You’ll be familiar with going to bed all tired and worn out, and then waking up the next morning feeling rejuvenated, reinvigorate and completely refreshed. These feelings are thanks to the HGH inside the body. The moment you sleep, your body is fed this hormone.

But when males age, their bodies produce less HGH. This is precisely why the older you get, the less you dream, and the less you feel waking up the next morning ready to take on the world. The body isn’t allowed to fully heal itself during sleep like it used to.

HGH won’t make you necessarily stronger, but it will help you heal.

A simple small dose of 2-4 international units is enough to keep nagging injuries at bay. The skin will retain more moisture and will appear supple and it will radiate a glow.

TRT on the other hand also helps in the recovery process after workouts and helps improve the skin texture, but it doesn’t do very much when it comes to dealing with niggling injuries and achy joints. Testosterone will give you confidence and in some people even aggression, whereas HGH has no effect on the mood directly.

What Does HGH Look Like?

HGH typically comes in kits, and each kit specifies the exact amount of HGH it contains. It is normal to find several vials of powder that add up to around 100 international units. The powder needs to be reconstituted using bacteriostatic water.

Where is HGH Produced?

You will find pharmaceutical grade HGH produced in leading American labs. This means that without a prescription, you will have to get yourself involved in the black market. HGH is produced in countries like China and Taiwan. Although the Chinese version of HGH will be met with a high degree of skepticism, I know people personally will use these products for years without any ill effects.

Some people like to stick to the pharmaceutical grade HGH and that can set you back around $1300.

A typical kit consisting of 100 international units lasting for around 50 days will typically cost around $26 a day.

HGH Benefits

Users of HGH have found that recovery and sleep quality are greatly enhanced, as well as stress management and skin quality. To learn more about HGH injections, I’ve found an amazing source:

HGH Side Effects

The most common side effect from here HGH usage is water retention. It’s not unusual for the average man to hold an extra 5 lbs. of water when taking this stuff. A small number of users have complained of experiencing joint stiffness and very mild carpal tunnel, but other than this, I’d be very surprised if you experienced anything more than this.

The Legality of HGH

In the US, it is illegal to possess and distribute HGH unless you are licensed to do so. In order for you to be licensed to handle HGH, you must be an authorized pharmacist.


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