Now that winter has finally ended, and the heat of summer is almost upon us, everyone wants to focus on getting that perfect swimsuit body ready. An essential part of the process is obtaining a slim waist complete with a flat tummy and abs to die for. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to achieve this, so let’s find out how.

Flat Stomach Tips

Reaching your fitness goals is important now that summer is coming up and everyone wants to look their best. But even if that wasn’t the case, it’s still important to stay fit and healthy, and maintaining your figure is part and parcel of that. Here are four indispensable tips and tricks that will help you get a flat stomach and killer abs in no time at all.

1.      Adopt an Appropriate Diet

Regardless of what your fitness goals are and what the general endgame of your journey is, adopting an appropriate diet is a major player in the game of losing weight and getting fit. In fact, it might even be team captain according to recent research. Therefore, if you want to have a flat stomach and killer abs, minding what you eat is essential.

Cutting down on calories is, of course, the first step. Nevertheless, don’t slice into them too much because you will decrease your metabolic rate. In order for weight loss to happen, your metabolism needs to be in tip-top shape. Protein, fiber and fatty acids are also staples of a successful tummy-tuck diet because they impede the formation of fat pockets in the area.

Fortunately, there are quite a few pre-determined meal plans that have the purpose of flattening your stomach. Therefore, if you’re looking for something that specializes solely in this, find more details about Flat Belly Overnight diet and see if it’s the right choice for you. After all, it will be easier to stick to something like this than design your own.

2.      Eat a Perfectly Timed Snack

It’s no secret that many people tend to go as much as five or six hours without eating anything during the day due to lack of time or mere laziness. But while a busy schedule might seem like a viable excuse, perpetuating this unhealthy practice can lead to binge eating later in the day, as well as surplus adipose tissue on your belly over time.

According to Natasha Turner, a naturopathic doctor, and author of The Hormone Diet, a protein snack consumed between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. specifically balances your blood sugar levels and boosts your metabolism. This keeps insulin under check, thus avoiding the unnecessary storage of fat in the abdominal area.

A protein bar will do the trick just fine, but for some variety, you can also switch it up with a low-fat piece of cheese, or an organic apple and some nuts such as almonds and cashews. This should be an indispensable part of your daily routine, as it prevents you going for more than four hours without replenishing your nutrient levels.

3.      Drink Plenty of Water

Although it might seem hard to believe, something as simple as drinking plenty of water each day will help you lose weight faster. First of all, it temporarily increases the body’s metabolic rate, especially when drank cold, which promotes quick weight loss. You will lose up to 100 more calories daily through this. And the benefits don’t end here.

Because it gives a momentary feeling of fullness, it also impedes overeating by reducing cravings and activating your body’s satiety hormones more effectively. Finally, it promotes excretory health by reducing bloating and aiding your bowel movements so that toxins are flushed out at a faster rate.

4.      Engage in Regular Exercise

Finally, a regular exercise routine that is targeted towards the abdominal area is also an important part of getting a flat and firm tummy with toned muscles and everything. Fitness Magazine recommends one that engages other parts of the body, with a focus on the abs and its surrounding regions. It is comprised of five essential movements:

  • Pike and extend. Lying face up on the floor, extend your legs over your hips and bring your arms up, then crunch. Then brings your arms overhead and lower your left leg. Repeat on the other side for 20 reps.
  • Standing side crunch. Stand on your left leg and extend your left arm to shoulder height. Lift your right foot slightly off the floor, then place your right arm behind your head and lift the coordinating knee up as high as possible. Do 15 reps on each side.
  • Chest flye with leg extension. Lie face up once more and bend your knees 90 degrees over your hips. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and straighten your left leg while lowering your arms. Do 10 reps for each side, holding for one count.
  • Knee up with overhead press. Sitting with knees bent and feet on the floor, hold a dumbbell in each hand overhead. Lean back slightly and bring the knees as much as towards your chest as possible. hold for three counts, doing 15 reps.
  • Lunge and twist. Lunge back with your left leg from a standing position and reach your left hand to the right foot. Stand up, lift your left knee in front of you, bring fists to your chest and twist to center. Do 15 reps on each side.

By engaging three times a week in this simple, yet extensive routine, you will not only work your abs but also the legs, arms, glutes, chest, shoulders, quads and obliques. This will keep your entire body fit and in shape while focusing all the necessary strength on flattening your belly to perfection.

Final Thoughts

An adequate diet combined with proper hydration and a regular and efficient exercise routine are the keys towards being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. With this rather effortless approach, you will be slim and ready to enter swimsuit season by the time the heat of June rolls around.

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