Before looking closely at the best workout supplements, there are a few things that need to be cleared up! There are 2 types of people in your gym. The first type is the ones that float around, occasionally dabble in a bit of training here and there, and generally don’t look like they are regular gym-goers to the average eye. These guys (on the face of it) seem happy because at least they are going to the gym.

The second type is guys who look like supreme athletes. They are super bulky and super shredded and look like someone you see on the TV. If you watch these guys for long enough, you’ll notice that they’ll always be carrying something, they’ll never be empty handed! Either a water bottle or a protein shake bottle will be with at all times. These are the guys who appear to have everything on point; diet, training, everything seems to be in place.

This group will also have their supplementation on point down to a tee. Chances are they’ll be taking pre-workout supplements, during workout supplements and even post-workout supplements! There appears to be a supplement for every step; before the go to the gym, when they’re in the gym, and once they leave the gym. It must be said that there’s no one-size-fits all solution because different things work for different people. However there are general principles that you can follow and this is what this article will look into. I’m going to explain things from my perspective because that’s what I know best.

Testosterone Booster

I use a testosterone booster on a daily basis. I find this helps me to stay energetic and helps with my gains. I know this because I’ve experimented with not using a testosterone booster in my supplements cupboard, and I definitely felt less energetic, my recovery times were longer, and I felt fatigued most of the times. Using a testosterone booster, especially by the time you reach your 20s will lay a nice solid foundation if you want to make good progress in the gym.

We have reviewed over 100 testosterone boosters on this site, and shortlisted our preferred top 10. To see more click here.

Pre-Workout Supplement

Going back to the second group of guys…most of them will use a pre-workout supplement; I can pretty much guarantee this. A good quality pre-workout supplement will really click your body into overdrive by the time your reach your gym parking lot. Pre workout supplements are designed to wake the body up by providing it with surges of energy. Many of them are packed with caffeine which is not ideal for everyone, especially if you happen to be sensitive to stimulants.

I’ve noticed that when I don’t take my pre workout supplement, my workouts are probably 35-40% below what I’m used to. The energy reserves just don’t seem to be there. So regardless of whether I’m doing cardio or weights, I always make sure that I take my pre workout supplement. I’ve used many brands in the past, and I’m currently using 4Gauge, which is working amazingly well for me.

Fat Burner

I find that using a fat burner, especially when I’m trying to shred makes it much easier. The problem with a lot of fat burners these days this that they’re packed with stimulants like caffeine and bitter orange peel. The problem with this combination is that they can leave you feeling wired! And this leads to sleep issues at night because of all the stimulants floating around inside.

I’ve had major issues in the past with fat burners where I’ve experienced heart palpitations leading to anxiety. Because of this I never touched a fat burner for years until recently when I tried out Instant Knockout. Even though Instant Knockout contains stimulants i.e. caffeine, thankfully I haven’t had relive my past experiences. This is because Instant Knockout ingredients are quite well measured, they haven’t just thrown in tones of caffeine like some brands!

All-in-One Solutions

If you like to do all your shopping in one place, there is a great place to go! I found that CrazyBulk products are great for newbies and experienced bodybuilders alike. They have a great range of bodybuilding supplements that tick all the boxes. Initially I was skeptical when I was first introduced to the brand because I found that companies who try to do EVERYTHING usually produce mediocre supplements. Not with CrazyBulk! Although the range is advertised as “legal steroids”, all their products only contain natural ingredients, and the entire range appears to be side effect free.

Just to give you an example of how CrazyBulk seem to have thought of everything:

  1. D-Bal: for super strength and rapid muscle growth
  2. Clenbutrol: strips away body fat fast
  3. Trenorol: for muscle growth, strength, fat burning, fast recovery
  4. Anvarol: cutting for both men and women
  5. Testo-Max: increases body’s natural testosterone production
  6. Winsol: enhances vascularity
  7. Gynectrol: reduces man boobs
  8. Anadrole: fuels workouts
  9. HGH-X2: powerful HGH releaser
  10. Decaduro: supercharges workouts
  11. NO2-MAX: nitric–oxide booster

As you can see, there’s nothing more you would need when it comes to your bodybuilding supplements. I have personally tried all of the products with the exception of Gynectrol

So here are my recommendations for the best workout supplements. If you have used any of the supplements I’ve mentioned in this article, I would love to hear from you.


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