The size of your manhood is pretty much determined by your genes. This means you inherited it from your father, and he inherited it from his father and so on…

Although this is true to a certain extent, your diet and lifestyle choices also play a major role on your penile health. Although nutrition is not enough on its own, there are a number of ways you can increase the size of your penis, and SizeGenetics claims to do just this.

SizeGenetics is advertised as one of the safest enlargement devices out there. This device offers 2,800 grams of tension, which is a bit more than some of the other penis enlargers we’ve reviewed. In a nutshell, the more tension a device provides…the better results you will see. This doesn’t mean that you can apply a kilo of tension on your dick, because it will snap! Ouch!

The makers of SizeGenetics use the optimal tension required to extend penises.  SizeGenetics is the result of Danish and American collaboration, and this device is safe to use on a daily basis, unlike most other extenders we’ve come across.

SizeGenetics has apparently undergone years to research and development, that’s precisely why users have enjoyed formidable increases in size whilst remaining in the “safe zone.” SizeGenetics can extend your penis by inches in a safe manner.

How SizeGenetics Works

SizeGenetics is reportedly safe and comfortable to use thanks to its “advanced comfort system” which allows users to wear it quickly and comfortably. According to the manufacturer, SizeGenetics allows users to utilize the “58 different ways of using the comfort system”, ensuring that you will find the best fit. The device uses the patented 3M advanced comfort plasters which protect the penis from rubbing or slipping.

SizeGenetics is manufactured by a reputable American outfit who has designed this unique device that stretches the penis over time so it can hold more blood, resulting in bigger and meaner erections. The device is 100% painless and safe to use and guarantees results that are permanent. According to the company, SizeGenetics can also treat curved penises, a torrid condition that can be extremely painful during sex.

But the main target market for this company is men with small or inadequate penises, and the condition can be exacerbated by “micro penis syndrome”, which means you always think your dick is on the small size, even though you might have a 12incher!!!

According to the figures put out by the company, SizeGenetics guarantees increases in your man muscle by up to 13% in as little as 8 weeks. By week 16, you should be 19% bigger, week 20, 24% bigger, and week 24, 29% bigger. These figures are pretty precise!

SizeGenetics Instructions

This device is quite simple to use. It involved five basic steps:

  1. Insert penis through white colored ring which sits on base of shaft, just about the balls
  2. Hold extender with one hand, ensuring your penis is positioned correctly. In order to do this, you can hold your corpora region with your free hand
  3. Position your device correctly, pulling it towards your body, covering the pubic bone
  4. Strap correctly pulling noose or comfort strap
  5. You know you’re wearing your SizeGenetics correctly when your penis is being stretched out and you feel a tug


SizeGenetics is one of the few penis extenders that have received medical endorsements because it has undergone extensive studies and research by both Danish and American doctors and scientists.  Below are just some testimonials from existing users…



users have experienced real and permanent results

can stop using once you reach your target

absolutely no side effects

comes with a moneyback guarantee

FDA Approved


have to wear it for several hours a day

It’s not cheap!

Where to Buy

Thankfully, SizeGenetics is ONLY available through the official website. This avoids the risk of purchasing counterfeit products which can prove to be dangerous especially when it comes to a device like this. The company allows for discreet packaging and ships worldwide.

The Company also offers a moneyback guarantee. So should you not be satisfied with the results, they will refund your money.

Order SizeGenetics from Official Site!

Does it Work?

I, along with my team have seen at least 200 customer testimonials (excluding ones on the official site) and the general consensus is that SizeGenetics is the best penis extender available on the market. It’s more comfortable and effective to use than the nearest competitor. With a comprehensive moneyback guarantee and FDA approval, no wonder this product is the preferred choice for guys.

I can confirm that I (James McDuffy) am currently in the process of using this device, I am 2 months in and the progress is great so far. It’s amazingly comfortably to wear, and it’s completely seamless in my clothing which is always great. Although I won’t be publishing pictures of my manhood on here, I will keep you guys updated as to my progress.


Ultimate System: $299.95 ($499.95)

Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition: $299.95 ($499.95)

Comfort Package: $249.95 ($399.95)

Value Edition: $199.95 ($274.95)

Order SizeGenetics from Official Site!

The size of your manhood is pretty much determined by your genes. This means you inherited it from your father, and he inherited it from his father and so on… Although this is true to a certain extent, your diet and lifestyle choices also play a major role on your…
Increases Length - 9.4
Increases Girth - 9.4
Quality Product - 9.5
Effectiveness - 9.6


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