Stress Relaxation And Pain Relief

Chronic pain is difficult to bear. Researchers have proven that from over last 25 years, pain is caused by emotional and social factors. They need to cause along with the physical causes of pain. Chronic stress is one of the main causes of chronic pain. Accident Chirowa helps individuals to understand the nature of stress and to resolve this issue.

The Body Response to Stress

To understand how pain relief weeks it is important to understand how stress affects your body overall pain and stress have a same effect on the body i.e. your heart rate and blood pressure rise, breath become fast muscle tights you can actually feel your body against the pain when you suddenly feel stressful event such as fearing that you’re going to hit by a car.

With chronic stress such as worrying about something or financial issues stuck in a bad work or marriage problems or fearing that something bad is going to happen to the nervous system keeps the body active on alert. This takes a big load on the whole body not just brain because of this stress hormones release and increases muscle tension chronic stress hurts.

Relaxation Techniques for Pain relief

Relaxation massage exercises done in helps patient to calm their mind reduce stress hormones level in the body relaxes your muscle and improve the sense of well being. Using this technique can lead you to long-term changes in the body to reduce the harmful effect of stress

The common problem is people get stressed trying to pick the right relaxation technique for pain relief. don’t get stressed out choose whatever relaxes your mind may be music gardening or gathering with some friends walking jogging and here are some tricks techniques you might try.

Foursquare Breathing:

Probably the best way to calm your mind and not to get stressed out, breathe deeply expand your abdomen and contracts like a balloon with each breath inhale to count of eight and hold for a count of four then exhale to the count of eight repeats this for four cycle.

Self Talk:

Change your thoughts how you feel about your pain and yourself for example pain prevents me from keeping the house the way I used to” – I am a failure to No one will die if the house isn’t perfect change your perception on how you see things when in pain or stress.


Hypnotherapists can control hypnosis and plant suggestions such as “You’re going to sleep soundly tonight” some audiotapes to relax you at home.

Mindfulness Meditations:

Sit or lie down so quiet and feel your breathing without controlling it. If pain or thoughts interfere simply notice them not to push them away. Think of them as some quite train passing by you like nothing and return to observing your breath do this for 20 minutes.

A point of focus:

This process can be done anywhere, where you feel relax, you just have to close your eyes and focus on one thing or scenery that calms you the most and try to meditate, along with this relaxing slow music or sound of rain also helps.

Professionals at Accident Chirowa provides many treatment options and help to reduce pain caused by injuries.

I hope this article is helpful for you to get detailed information about the topic.

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