Awareness surrounding low testosterone has never been higher. Although low testosterone has been overlooked for many years, its impact on overall health has only recently been taken seriously. With age, testosterone levels naturally diminish, and this does not necessarily have to be attributed to lifestyle choices because the human body’s natural testosterone production is designed to slow down as a person ages.

Most testosterone booster manufacturers seem to claim that their products elevate natural testosterone production, support lean muscle mass and performance, and Androgenix from Supreme Sports Enhancements is no exception.

How Androgenix Works

According to the official website, Androgenix works by elevating natural testosterone production, which in turn helps to support lean muscle mass, strength, sexual health, and overall athletic performance.

The official website makes it clear that this product supports natural testosterone production already within the normal ranges thanks to the natural ingredients that have been scientifically tested to support optimum testosterone levels and body composition.

Androgenix Ingredients

Gingergenic™ (500 mg):

Zingiber Officinale Extract, (Standardized to contain 2% 6-gingerol, 8-gingerol, 10-gingerol: are all derived from ginger, which is a type of spice that’s been traditionally used in medicine, and Ayurveda. Small doses have shown to reduce nausea and easing of digestive, and slightly larger doses (up to 15 g) have shown to elevate testosterone levels.

6-shogao: is a pungent constituent of ginger’s structure.

AndroJax™ (300 mg)

Eurycoma Longifolia Root Extract, (Containing 8% Eurycomanone and 6% 13-alpha (21) epoxy-eurycomanone): is a pro fertility agent as well as a powerful aphrodisiac and evidence exists that points to anti-estrogenic properties as well as pro-erectile effects. However, when it comes to testosterone enhancement, this ingredient has demonstrated only trivial increases as can be seen in the studies:

Study 1: 46% increase in testosterone was noted in clinically hypogonadic men, but normal men were not tested.

Study 2: Eurycoma was supplemented to adults over the period of four weeks, and the results showed reductions in cortisol and increases in testosterone.

Androgenix Side Effects

I was unable to find any notable side-effects that users may have suffered after using Androgenix.

Will I Notice Results From Using Androgenix?

Both ingredients featured in Androgenix have shown to increase testosterone in controlled studies. Unfortunately, this supplement uses a proprietary blend that veils the precise amount of each ingredient; therefore it’s almost impossible to tell whether Androgenix is adequately dosed.

Nevertheless, I have decided to give Androgenix the benefit of doubt, and taking into account the studies have looked into regarding the ingredients, it should be safe to assume that testosterone enhancement is likely to occur at some point.

Androgenix Rating


Unfortunately, the proprietary blend in this product is a major letdown because it’s almost impossible to tell just how effective end of the results will really be without knowing just how much of each ingredient has gone into Androgenix.

Price Per Pack


Where Can I Buy Androgenix?

You can buy Androgenix by Supreme Sports Enhancements in many places online including

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TestoFuel Rating: 9/10

So what makes this testosterone booster superior to the competition? The answer lays is in the clinically proven ingredients which are designed to provide you superior results every time.



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