It’s a sad fact of life that with age, the body’s natural testosterone producing mechanism begins to slow down. This leads to less testosterone roaming around the body, and when this happens, a whole array of health issues can present themselves even at the most unexpected times.

Testosterone boosters have seen a massive surge in recent years and I-LOAD by Pro Supps is the latest example of what I’m talking about.

I-LOAD it described as an “anabolic optimizer” that provides “pump, size, strength, and vascularity”.

How I-LOAD Works

The official website makes a number of claims. Apparently, I-LOAD is an effective carbon transport facilitator, supports glucose and amino acid load, provides insane muscle pumps, and is entirely gluten-free.

Pretty impressive claims if I say so myself, but the truth is often lies in the ingredients.

I-LOAD Ingredients

  • Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate) is an essential mineral that is responsible for regulating glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Regular chromium supplementation has so far provided a mixed bag of results in healthy individuals. Nevertheless, this ingredient has shown to provide certain benefits to diabetics. I’ve tried searching for any possible benefits this ingredient could offer when used as part of a testosterone booster, and I failed to spot anything.

Hyper-Load Matrix™

  • Banaba Leaf Extract (std. min. 1% Corsolic Acid) is a type of plant and its leaves are sometimes used to treat diabetes. This ingredient contains a range of molecules such as corosolic acid which is suspected of benefiting glucose control. According to this study involving 5 subjects, were given 32 – 48 mg of glucosol daily, experienced reductions in blood glucose after 15 days by as much as 30%.
  • Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia) Extract is native to certain tropical regions, especially East Africa and South America. This ingredient has traditionally been used to help regulate blood sugar levels in diabetics but much more research is needed to gain a fuller understanding. A number of side-effects have been attributed to Bitter Melon use including upset stomachs and hypoglycemia.
  • Gymnema sylvestre Leaf Extract (std. min. 75% Gymnemic Acids) is a type of plant that’s traditionally been used to help control blood glucose. It is also suspected of helping to lower lipid, bodyweight, and provide inhibition to caries. At present, much more study is needed to fully gage the true potential of this ingredient
  • Cinnamon Bark is a blend of nutrients usually found in spice and can help to regulate glucose metabolism in diabetics. It is also suspected of possessing certain toxic components.

I-LOAD Side Effects

Even though I couldn’t find any particular side effects directly related to I-LOAD use, with ingredients like Bitter Melon, I would be massively surprised if you didn’t experience an upset stomach and hypoglycemia.

Will I Notice Results From Using I-LOAD?

In terms of results, if you’re looking for blood glucose regulation, you should start noticing a difference within a few weeks because all of the ingredients in this supplement provide that focus.

But in terms of testosterone enhancement, because after all, this is supposed to be a testosterone booster review, I-LOAD does not contain a single relevant ingredient.

I-LOAD Rating


After taking into account the possibility of users experiencing side effects as direct result of the inclusion of  Bitter Melon, and in the absence of a single testosterone enhancing ingredient, I’m obliged to rate I-LOAD accordingly.

Price Per Pack


Where Can I Buy I-LOAD?

You can buy I-LOAD by Pro Supps in many places online including

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TestoFuel Rating: 9/10

So what makes this testosterone booster superior to the competition? The answer lays is in the clinically proven ingredients which are designed to provide you superior results every time.



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