Testosterone plays many vital functions in the body including helping to build muscle, reduce body fat, and enhance strength and performance. This hormone is also vital for promoting energy levels and supporting a healthy sex drive. With age, the body’s natural testosterone production begins to decline in most men. Moreover, environmental factors such as pollutants and estrogens are also major contributors to diminishing testosterone levels. The importance of supporting healthy testosterone levels cannot be overlooked. After all, if you’re looking to build lean body mass, enjoy plenty of energy in the bedroom as well as a gym, and then your priority should be to ensure that your T levels are in order.

VPX Sports is a relatively little known brand. However, their testosterone booster, Triple Test seems to be receiving a fair bit of publicity on review sites. So it was only natural for it to catch my attention.

Triple Test it described as a “clean athletes approved testosterone support matrix”. Apparently this supplement is a “testosterone boosting capsule to support strength, energy and sexual health”. The makers seem to emphasize the many benefits that can be enjoyed by using this supplement.

How Triple Test Works

Triple Test works to bring testosterone levels back into the normal range so users can enjoy optimal muscle development, reduced body fat, and a healthy sexual appetite in the bedroom.

Triple Test Ingredients

Unfortunately, Triple Test ingredients form a part of a 1200 mg proprietary blend called the “Botanical Blend”. The precise amounts of each ingredient are not disclosed.

Peaderia Foetida Extract (Paederia scandens)(leaves) is a type of herb traditionally used for a variety of purposes concerning intestinal health. Although currently there is very little evidence to work with and the bioactives are unknown. Preliminary testing seems to suggest that it may contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Tongkat ali Extract (Eurycoma longifolia)(root) is also a type of herb sometimes known as Malaysia Ginseng or Long Jack. This ingredient is a recognized aphrodisiac as well as a pro erectile agent. Moreover, Tongkat ali has shown to possess anti-estrogenic affects but at present, all existing studies seem to be carried out on rats and as a result, true effects in humans are not fully substantiated. In terms of testosterone enhancement, a couple of studies seem to suggest that regular usage of this ingredient may increase testosterone as can be seen here.

Velvet Bean (Mucuna Pruriens)(seeds)[std. to 50% L-Levodopa] is packed with L-dopa, a precursor to dopamine which is commonly used to help treat Parkinson’s disease. In terms of testosterone enhancement, two studies seem to confirm that testosterone can be increased as a result of using this ingredient in infertile men.

Massularia (Massularia Accuminata)(root) is a type of chewing stick that possesses potent aphrodisiac properties and can be commonly found in parts of Nigeria. Preliminary studies in rats seem to suggest that it may increase testosterone and sexual appetite. Unfortunately, not enough is known about this ingredient, and more studies required ascertaining a fuller understanding in the West.

Burdock Extract (Arctium Lappa)(root) is a type of plant and its roots is sometimes used as food. Moreover, this ingredient is commonly used in traditional medicine to help increase urine flow, kill germs, reduce fever, and purify the blood. Unfortunately, in terms of testosterone enhancement, there appears to be very little correlation.

Boron (as sodium tetraborate) has shown to support hormonal parameters in postmenopausal women. But in terms of testosterone enhancement, a number of studies have failed to identify any major benefits in this regard.

Triple Test Side Effects

There are relatively few reviews from existing customers available. But looking at the ingredients in depth, users shouldn’t really expect any side-effects.

Will I Notice Results From Using Triple Test?

In terms of results, Triple Test doesn’t contain anything that really stands out in terms of testosterone enhancement. Moreover, the precise doses of each element are not disclosed so it’s difficult to try and establish how quickly results will surface especially with the absence of independent customer reviews.

Triple Test Rating


I’m not a big fan of proprietary blends therefore I cannot justify giving this product more than 4/10.

Price Per Pack


Where Can I Buy Triple Test?

You can buy Triple Test from bodybuilding.com or the official VPX Sports website.

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TestoFuel Rating: 9/10

So what makes this testosterone booster superior to the competition? The answer lays is in the clinically proven ingredients which are designed to provide you superior results every time.



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