The body’s natural testosterone production begins to diminish with age in almost every man. When testosterone production diminishes, a whole array of health problems can present themselves usually associated with low testosterone. Medically prescribed low testosterone treatments have held the monopoly in this particular area until recently.

Low testosterone supplements are becoming extremely popular, especially after the recent bad press the medically prescribed low testosterone treatments have been getting. People are choosing to use alternatives.

ZMA formulas have been extremely popular in recent years, especially in low testosterone supplements, and TruZMA by PEScience is just the latest example of an addition to an ever-growing list of testosterone supplement brands.

How TruZMA Works

According to the official website, this patented ZMA formula is essential for everyone involved in the fitness community, regardless if they are male or female. This formula provides zinc and magnesium in high quality forms that “are actually absorbed”.

This supplement also contains something called TruFulvic which is apparently “an up and coming ingredient that combines perfectly with ZMA.” TruFulvic is essentially purified shilajit that has shown to increase testosterone levels in at least two studies.

TruZMA Ingredients

Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCl):  has shown to increase testosterone quite modestly because it is linked with the regulation of androgen production, which is a precursor to testosterone production.

Magnesium (as magnesium aspartate): is a type of dietary mineral that is essential for a number of important functions including normalizing blood pressure, and reducing insulin sensitivity. It appears to have a little correlation to testosterone enhancement.

Zinc (as mono-L-methionine and aspartate): repeated studies have noted that men with zinc deficiencies usually always had low testosterone, meanwhile men with healthy zinc intakes nearly always showed healthy testosterone levels.

Shilajit Fulvic Acid Complex (TruFulvic®): is a cocktail of minerals typically used in Ayurveda, with Fulvic Acid as its main bioactive. It has only recently been studied in the West. Interestingly, a recent study involving 60 male subjects were provided with 200 mg of shilajit daily over the course of 90 days and researchers noted 23 ½% increase in testosterone, and 9.8% increase in FSH.

TruZMA Side Effects

I was unable to find any notable side-effects that users may have experienced after using TruZMA.

Will I Notice Results From Using TruZMA?

Okay, it’s a given that TruZMA is more than your average ZMA blend. But before I get into the uniqueness of this formula, let’s take a look at all the ingredients and their effectiveness. It’s clear that vitamin B6 and magnesium will not do very much for testosterone levels on their own but zinc on the other hand has repeatedly proven itself to be a hard-hitting, potent testosterone enhancing ingredient. And this is as far as competing ZMA formulas go….

TruZMA also offers an additional ingredient, shilajit (in the form of “TruFulvic”). This ingredient is interesting because although not much is known about it in the West yet, an existing study seems to suggest that it is a formidable testosterone enhancer. Although I am not the biggest fan of ZMA blends, with shilajit on the scene, TruZMA makes for an impressive testosterone supplement and results will definitely be there to be seen in a relatively short period.

TruZMA Rating


Definitely one of the best ZMA blends out there.

Price Per Pack


Where Can I Buy TruZMA?

You can buy TruZMA PEScience in many places online including

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TestoFuel Rating: 9/10

So what makes this testosterone booster superior to the competition? The answer lays is in the clinically proven ingredients which are designed to provide you superior results every time.



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